Pearlosophy Prebiotics Toothpaste Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 璀璨星河清新牙膏 产品


Prebiotics Toothpaste 璀璨星河清新牙膏 (100g x 2 tubes)



The oral cavity is a complex and complete micro-ecosystem. The imbalance of oral flora exacerbates the occurrence of oral problems such as bad breath, tooth decay and periodontitis.

Prebiotics Toothpaste contains the key ingredient prebiotic oligofructose, which can enhance the beneficial effects of probiotics in the oral cavity, improve the oral microflora, and alleviate oral problems.

At the same time, adding seven plant extracts essential oil, lime pearl "caviar" and other effective ingredients, gently clean the teeth, freshen breath, and long lasting fragrance.

The lime mint mojito fragrance make brushing your teeth twice a day more enjoyable!

口腔是一个复杂而完整的微生态系统。口腔菌群失衡,加剧口臭、蛀牙、 牙周炎等口腔问题的发生。

璀璨星河清新牙膏,含关键成分益生元低聚果糖,该成分可以增强口腔 中益生菌的有益作, 缓解口腔问题。同时,添加七重植萃精油、 莱姆珍珠“鱼子酱”等有效成分,温和清洁牙齿、清新口气、持久留香。 梦幻般的璀璨星空膏体,青柠薄荷味的 mojito 香型,令每天两次的刷 牙时光都倍感愉悦。