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Artic Essence Amino Acid Shampoo 黑云杉头皮养护氨基酸洗发水 (250ml)



Only healthy scalp hair follicles can grow elastic and strong hair. Arctic Essence Amino Acid Shampoo and Arctic Essence Amino Acid Conditioner nourish the hair-like skincare, 0 silicone oil formula and light texture reduce the burden on the scalp. Conditioner is also suitable for scalp care. Arctic Essence can effectively control oil without excessively cleansing scalp oil.

New Zealand keratin, eight kinds of plant essential oils, and Tahitian black pearls can nourish the scalp, improve dryness and discomfort, and make hair soft and shiny. Revitalize the scalp and hair. 

健康的头皮毛囊才能生长出富有弹性与韧性的头发。黑云杉头皮养护氨基 酸洗发水与黑云杉精油润养护发素,像护肤一样养护头发,0硅油配方,质地轻盈不增加头皮负担。护发素头皮可用。其间蕴含的黑云杉精华成分,可以有效控油,且不会过度清洁头皮油脂。

新西兰角蛋,8 种植物精油与大溪地黑珍珠等成分,可以滋养头皮,改 善头皮干燥不适,同时还能令发丝柔亮垂顺。快启头皮活力,秀发元气加分。