Pearlosophy Fresh Rose Water Mask Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 鲜活玫瑰花水面膜 产品


Fresh Rose Water Mask 鲜活玫瑰花水面膜 (22ml x 5pcs x 2boxes)



The Bulgarian Rose Valley has excellent natural conditions and is a haven for Damascus roses. The resulting Damascus rose has a high content of skin-beautifying ingredients and is known as the "Queen of Roses." The rose water with excellent aromatherapy value extracted from the precious Bulgarian Damascus rose went through the below process:

  1. Organic planting
  2. Handpick
  3. Ancient distillation
  4. Constant temperature transportation 

Concise, pure as ever, no preservatives, alcohol, flavors, and other doubtful ingredients are added. Use precious rose water instead of ordinary pure water to penetrate deep into the skin to nourish. With the light and skin-tight air-feeling silk film, the beauty of the flower is in full bloom.

For Day use:

Quench your skin instantly with our Fresh Rose Water Mask instantly before applying your makeup!

For Night Use: 

Gives your skin extra hydration and wake up with a brighter skin after cleansing your face!  

保加利亚玫瑰谷自然条件优越,是大马士革玫瑰的庇护天堂。由此而生的 大马士革玫瑰,美肤成分含量高,被誉为“玫瑰王后”。从珍贵的保加利亚大马士革玫瑰中,凝萃出拥有卓越芳疗价值的玫瑰花水,还要经历一段奇幻的旅程:

  1. 有机种植
  2. 手工采摘
  3. 古法蒸馏
  4. 恒温运输。