Pearlosophy Prestige Spa Gold Mask Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 发酵精华金箔面膜 产品


Prestige Spa Gold Mask 发酵精华金箔面膜 (28ml x 5pc)



The innovative design of "gold foil outer membrane + natural cotton inner membrane".

The inner membrane contains a high proportion of pearl fermented essence water and a variety of plant extracts, which can enhance glow, and creates translucent skin.

The outer film is made of Korean gold foil mask material, which is soft and compliant, the skin warm feeling will increase as you mask, and increase the absorption rate of your skin.

Enjoy your Deep Spa Treatment today!

采用“金箔外膜+ 天然全棉内膜”的革新设计。

内膜含有高比例的珍珠发酵精华水与多种植物萃取精华,能提升光泽度, 打造晶莹透亮肌肤;


内外兼修,肌肤尽享深层 SPA 护理。