Pearlosophy Snowflake Pear Solid Drink Singapore sg Products 珍珠美学 雪花梨固体饮料 产品


Snowflake Pear Solid Drink 雪花梨固体饮料 (3g x 20 strips)



The all-new delicious and refreshing solid drink, it is not only rich in plant extracts, but it is also nutritious and taste really good!

Each strip contains 250mg of Vitamin C, which is equivalent to 5 fresh lemons!

The Snowflake Pear Instant Drink can even out skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and with it key power ingredients, it is well-known for its skin-brightening benefits.

Tips: Drink directly from strip and consume within the day once opened. Can be mixed with cold or warm water, be sure to stir well, water temperature should not exceed 40℃.

Contains: Vitamin C, snowflake pear essence, elderberry, lily and white fungus, chlorogenic acid, anthocyanin, organic acid and vitamin B1, B2.


每条添加250mg 维生素C,等同约5颗新鲜柠檬的 VC 含量。另外,萃取 雪花梨幼果,接骨木莓,百合银耳的精华,令固体饮料中含有绿原西轻,花青素,有机酸和维生素B1,B2等多种有益元素。