Pearlosophy Oxygen Super Cleanser Singapore SG Product 珍珠美学 泡泡洗面奶 产品


Oxygen Super Cleanser 泡泡洗面奶 (110g)



2-in-1 facial cleanser + makeup remover. It contains swiftlet nest extract, provides skin with more elasticity and luster; deep-sea pearl essence extract with seaweed gel particles absorb the dirt in the deep layers of the pores, leaving the skin cleaner, refreshed, and radiant.

Automatic foaming in 30 seconds, complete makeup removal and cleansing within a minute. Delicate and dense bubbles will bring you a pleasant cleansing experience.

The Fun Experience

Apply the product directly to the facial skin and massage gently with dry, clean face and hands. Do not wet your hands and face when applying.

Dense bubbles will be produced in 30 seconds.

Makeup removing and cleansing can be completed in 1 minute for a pleasant cleansing enjoyment. 

兼具卸妆,清洁等多重功效,可以做到卸妆洁 面二合一。含有小雨燕窝提取物,使皮肤弹力有光泽,萃取深海珍珠精华,添加海藻胶颗粒,能吸附毛孔深层污垢,肌肤干净清爽焕亮。

30 秒自动发泡,1分钟完成卸妆洁面,细腻绵密的泡泡会带来愉悦的洁面享受。