Pearlosophy Invisible Touch Face Powder Singapore SG Products 珍珠素颜蜜粉 产品


Invisible Touch Face Powder 珍珠素颜蜜粉 (7g)



A cute powder like is a puff with its powder, and it is also a skin-raising powder that can be used with peace of mind. The velvet puff is soft and smooth, and the built-in powder is easy to use. The fine powder is used at ease day and night with no makeup remover required.

3-in-1 Face Powder

  • Bare-face powder - Heading out but no time for makeup? No problem!
  • Makeup Setting Powder - Set makeup to absorb sweat and oil & minimise pore visibility during the day
  • Night powder - Sleep with the night powder to help absorb excess grease on face

What it does?

  • Fine Powder to minimise and conceal large pores
  • No-Remove Bare Face Powder
  • Clean and refreshing, slightly shimmering and pearly. Keeps your skin non-sticky, non-oily all day long!


一粉三用,女孩们都在用它满足小心机。它是素颜妹纸的小心机: 细腻隐毛孔,提亮肤色,高比例珍珠粉带来滑嫩肌肤,它也是带妆妹纸的小心机: 底妆后使用,吸除面部多余油脂,令后续上妆柔滑细致。彩妆后使用,随时随地吸除油光与汗水,令妆容自然持久;它还是出浴妹纸的小心机: 弱化护肤品的粘腻感,轻拍于面颈部及锁骨,肌肤干净清爽,微闪珠光。