Pearlosophy Fermented Compound Drink Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 新盘发酵复合饮品 产品


Fermented Compound Drink 新盘发酵复合饮品 (50ml x 8 bottles)



Fermented fruit and vegetable juice have a complete nutritional function. Fruits and vegetables can produce beneficial components such as oligosaccharides during the fermentation process, which act as Bifidus factors to play a beneficial role on the human body.

Berry and vegetable fermented beverages are added with comprehensive fermented fruit and vegetable juice, noni fruit enzyme, orange young fruit extract, wolfberry juice, blueberry juice, etc.; drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices at once.

It has added synthetic fermented fruit and vegetable juice, fermented yam bean juice, lactitol that gently boosts the intestines, and high-quality dietary fiber prebiotics (oligofructose, xylooligosaccharide, inulin), and other ingredients.

发酵果蔬汁具有更完整的营养功能。果蔬在发酵过程中可以产生低聚糖等 有益成分,作为双歧因子对人体起到营养功能作用。*