Pearlosophy Fermented Berry Vegetable Drink Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 莓蔬发酵饮料 产品


Fermented Berry Vegetable Drink 莓蔬发酵饮料 (50ml x 8 bottles)



Contains nine core components of citrus young fruit extract, comprehensive berry enzyme, blueberry extract, grape seed extract, acerola, acai berry, guarana, ceramide (rice extract), and wolfberry extract.

It is extracted from 9 different fruits and vegetables grown in Taiwan, rich in berry, vegetable, fruit enzymes, and plant essences to meet the demand for various fruits and vegetables at one time.

Tips: Recommend to drink in morning and evening before meal. For gastrointestinal issues, take it after meal, or consult your doctor before drinking. If you are on medication, please take at least 1 hour interval. 

Contains: Citrus juice, fermented concentration juice, berry extract powder, wolfberries juice, western india cherry fruit powder


经由台湾9种果蔬提炼制成,丰富的莓蔬果酵素与植物精华,多种果蔬 一次满足。