Pearlosophy Bio-Cellulose Repair Eye Mask Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 生物纤维肌源修护眼膜 产品


Bio-Cellulose Repair Eye Mask 生物纤维肌源修护眼膜 (10ml x 5)



Bio-cellulose Repair Eye Mask adopted black tea and fermented bacteria as the base material of the membrane cloth, natural, environmentally friendly, transparent, soft, elastic, and moisturizing, giving the eye mask a fantastic efficacy.

  • Excellent adhesion, absorb dust, old sebum, and purify the eye area
  • Long-lasting moisturizing, quickly quenching thirst around the eyes
  • Sufficient lifting elasticity to tighten the eye contour
  • Cool, moisturizing and soothing, alleviating eye bags

Replace the base water of eye mask with the fermented essence of Dichotomous yeast, exerting its famous skin repair effect, equipped with multiple nutrients such as hydrolyzed pearl, holy ground Rhodiola root extract, euglena gracilis, etc., provide deep care to the eyes, and achieve soft, smooth, shiny, plump and moist skin around the eye area.

The butterfly wing eye mask is designed to cover the entire eye, completely cover under the eyes, corners of the eyes, and between the eyebrows. Use 2-3 times a week for more comprehensive eye care.


  • Remove mask from packaging.
  • Spread out the mask sheet and leave it on for 10-20mins 
  • Pat gently for more evenly absorption.

Use it 2-3 times a week for more optimal eye care.


  • 优秀的紧贴力,吸附灰尘,老废皮脂,净化眼周
  • 长效保湿,为眼周快速解渴
  • 足够的提拉弹力,紧致眼周轮廓
  • 沁涼润感,降温舒缓,缓解眼袋困扰 

以二裂酵母发酵精华代替眼膜基底水,发挥其赫赫有名的修护肌底功效,再搭载水解珍珠,圣地红景天根提取物,细小裸藻多糖等多倍营养,赋 予眼部深层养护,获得柔嫩平滑,亮泽光采,丰盈润的眼周肌肤。