Pearlosophy Electronic Skin Mask Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 电子皮肤面膜 产品 Pearlosophy Electronic Skin Mask 珍珠美学 电子皮肤面膜


Electronic Skin Mask 电子皮肤面膜



Your 25-minutes Exquisite SPA-like Experience starts here!

A more affordable skin-renewal nanotechnology at the comfort of your home!

What it does:

Helps to fight various skin problems for brighter, younger-looking and blemish-free skin.

Regenerates skin cells, increase skin metabolism, improves blood circulation and helps enhance the penetration of active ingredients in skincare products. 

In the box...

1x Titanium Spa Beauty Device

8x Nano Titanium Mask Sheet 

4x Lumiere Glowing Serum (For Skin Brightening) 
To be used maximum once a week

4x Ultimate Repair Serum (For Anti-ageing)
To be used twice a week

1x Brush

1x Connecting cable 

1x USB Cable

1x User Guide

How to use..

1. Read the instructions carefully before using for the first time

2. When using for the first time, it is recommended to use the lowest current first. If there is no discomfort such as tingling or high-heat effect during use, you can push to the higher current as appropriate.

3. Do not apply liquid mask to the connecting buckle, keep it dry at all times.

4. The connection buckle is strictly forbidden to contact with bare skin, please keep it away from skin when using it.

5. To avoid hand heating during use, please apply enough hand cream/lotion on your palms before holding the device.

6. When there is tingling in the hands during use, please lower the current. If the tingling continues, please stop using it immediately.

7. If there is tingling, high-heat effect and other discomforts on the face during use, please stop using it immediately

Is the micro-current safe to use? 

The safe amount of micro-current for human is no more than 5mA, whereas for our Electronic Skin Mask, it comes with three adjustable current levels:

Adjustable micro-current intensity of 0.4mA, 0.7mA, 1mA 

Highest possible intensity no more than 1.5mA

电子皮肤面膜以致柔致薄的纳米钛电子皮肤搭配真珠美学专属定制菁萃 露,释放均匀强循环微电流,为肌肤脉冲导入精华,排浊净化,激发活力, 促进肌肤修护。25 分钟精致 SPA 般体验,肌肤状态焕然一新。