Pearlosophy Collagen Peptide Drink Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 真美肤胶原蛋白肽 产品


Collagen Peptide Drink 真美肤胶原蛋白肽 (50ml x 8 bottles)



The latest upgraded drink that helps skin collagen in multiple dimensions:

  1. Upgrade to fish collagen-containing "Collagen Peptide";
  2. Newly added protective collagen component-soursop;
  3. Re-match plant extracts to promote skin vitality;
  4. Equipped with double NUTRI technology;
  5. Upgraded taste. French Rousselot and Japanese double fish collagen can improve the body's absorption conversion rate and collagen formation.

Contains VII (type eight) - Collagen Peptide, helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. The newly added soursop, Cell Younge ® Tianshan snow lotus + double petal rose essence, is good for collagen and recharges the skin's vitality. Through Synergene formula technology, the fruits and vegetables are scientifically matched. Infinitely delicious.

胶原蛋白果味饮料升级为真美肤胶原蛋白肽饮品,多维度助力肌肤胶原 蛋白:

  1. 升级为含有“真美肽”的鱼胶原蛋白;
  2. 新增保护胶原蛋白成分——刺果番荔枝;
  3. 重新匹配植萃成分,肌肤活力 UP;
  4. 搭载 double NUTRI 双营™技术,吸收 UP;
  5. 美味升级,口感UP。 法国 Rousselot 与日本双重鱼胶原蛋白,人体吸收转化率高。口服后提升了胶原蛋白的形成。 

其间含有的 VII(第八型)胶原蛋白—— 真美肽,有助于肌肤弹力升级。新添刺果番荔枝,Cell Younge ®天山雪莲 + 重瓣玫瑰精华有益于胶原蛋白,为肌肤活力充电。通过 Synergene 配方技术,对果蔬进行科学配比,美味加分。