Pearlosophy BB Wonder Beauty Cream Singapore SG Products 珍珠美学 防晒亮白BB霜 产品


BB Wonder Beauty Cream 防晒亮白BB霜 (30ml)



BB cream (also known as Wonder Beauty Cream) for long-lasting concealment and sun protection.

Lightweight texture, invisible fine lines to the skin, and bring a translucent radiance.

The special sponge roller design makes the makeup convenient and fun, the concealer is even and detailed, and the brush head can be removed and washed.

"Artificial sapphire" Rona flare mineral ingredient, 360 ° 3D three-dimensional makeup, non-greasy; to help skin reduce external damage such as ultraviolet rays.

With rich beauty lotion and propolis nourishing ingredients, it keeps the skin moisturized and shiny while applying makeup; The delicate powder does not need to be touched up all the time and makes the pores invisible.

内含的“人造蓝宝石”罗娜耀斑矿物成分,360°展现 3D 立体妆感,不油腻; 帮助肌肤降低紫外线等外部伤害。特别的海绵滚轮设计,b上妆更容易;

同时添加丰富的美容液及蜂胶滋养成分,上妆同时保持肌肤水润光感; 粉质细腻,持妆及毛孔隐匿效果更显著。