Pearlosophy 3-Piece Mini Brush Set Singapore SG Products  珍珠美学 菁彩随行便携式刷具套组 产品


3-Piece Mini Brush Set 菁彩随行便携式刷具套组



The brush set from Pearlosophy contains three multi-purpose brushes, making daily makeup convenient! 

Large soft and thick brush head creates three-dimensional contours. The brush head made of imitation animal hair is soft and delicate, and has good powder grip. It is smaller in size, with a portable body design, suitable for daily travel and carrying.

Type 1: Round eye shadow brush - Eye shadow brush that even novices can master.

Type 2: Flat arc brush head - Can be used with various eye shadow products

Type 3: Cone eyeshadow brush -  A scheming eye makeup tool



类型 1:  圆形眼影刷 - 新手也可以驾驭的眼影刷。扁平圆弧刷头,可搭配各种质地的眼影产品使用。

类型 2:  锥形眼影刷 - 心机眼妆利器。刷头更为纤长,适合小面积柔化眼角及眼尾妆容。

类型 3:腮红刷 - 真正一刷多用单品。柔软浓密的大刷头,打造立体轮廓。