Data Protection

Pearlosophy is committed to maintaining trust and confidence when handling personal data. Pearlosophy collects, maintains and uses the personal data of customers to help us improve our services.

When you browse our shopping website, you are surfing anonymously and we do not collect any data. We only collect Personal Data unless you provide login with your account credentials and or register an account with information in the website.

Collection of Personal Data

Pearlosophy may collect customer's personal data from the following:

  1. online registration account for identity (such as name, billing / shipping address, contact number, email address etc)
  2. order payment transaction reference details (such as payment of goods from ATM / iBanking receipt transaction ref / account number);
  3. communication between Pearlosophy & Customers (such as telephone calls and e-mail messages)

Use Of Your Personal Data

We may use your information for the followings:

  1. to process your purchase order
  2. to allow us to process order payments / transactions
  3. to provide the products to you that you have requested
  4. to provide you information that you signed up for newsletter
  5. to contact you when necessary or appropriate in relation to the products being provided to you;
  6. to keep you updated on your purchase of goods, example shipping status
  7. to address and investigate any complaints, claims or disputes;
  8. to inform you on contest and lucky draws
  9. to perform service improvements analysis
  10. to offer rewards (loyalty and benefits) and promotions that you may qualify in store
  11. to meet legal, regulatory, and other requirements including providing assistance to law enforcement, judicial and other government agencies.

    We will not offer, publish or share your personal data with third parties outside our company, Pearlosophy for other commercial purposes without seeking your permission.

Protecting your information

All the information are stored at Shopify data server ( Please refer to their website here

Your contact information

Pearlosophy will not use your contact number for sms advertisement. We will only use your contact to contact you if your order requires immediate attention or processing etc.

Should you encounter any misuse of our company name to send sms advertisement, please inform us immediately.